6 dangerous signs of “taking too much medicine”

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Danger signs: “Taking too much medicine” to the point of “liver damage”

Many patients need to take antibiotics to control it. or treat disease on a regular basis And it is well known that taking antibiotics continuously for a long time can have negative effects on the liver. If you yourself are one of those people who take antibiotics regularly. Try observing yourself to see if you are at risk for liver damage.

Danger signs: “Taking too much medicine” to the point of “liver damage”

  1. tired
  2. Loss of appetite
  3. Stomach pain, bloating, flatulence
  4. Yellow eyes
  5. Big belly
  6. There are blood clots in any part of the body.

Examples of medications that may cause the liver to function abnormally

  • Medicine to reduce blood fat
  • Medicine to relieve joint pain and inflammation and muscles
  • Medicines to treat bacterial/viral/fungal infections
  • Tuberculosis medicine
  • Anticonvulsant medicine
  • Immune suppressing drugs (Treatment of autoimmune disease) or arthritis)
  • sex hormones

How to take antibiotics safely Not at risk of liver disease

In many patients it is necessary to take antibiotics for a long time. and worried that it would have negative effects on the liver You should consult your doctor before stopping. or changing the medicines you take yourself, stopping medicines or changing the medicines you take yourself without consulting a doctor May result in disease or the existing symptoms come back worse than before And there is also a risk of drug resistance. You should also follow up with your doctor regularly. ยูฟ่าเบท