Goretzka insists he has not leaving Bayern.

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Leon Goretzka insists he has no intention of leaving Bayern Munich. 29-year-old midfielder Leon Goretzka has revealed he is still under contract until 2026 and has no reason to think about a move away from Bayern Munich this summer.

Focusing on facing Real Madrid on the Champions League stage. Only the playoffs, according to a report from Sport UFABET on Friday.

‘From my point of view Everything is clear My contract runs until 2026 and there is no reason to think about a transfer,’ Goretzka said. 

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old midfielder also revealed ยูฟ่าเบท he is enjoying the responsibility of trainer Thomas Tuchel current structure.

‘I have a new role in our system. since the beginning I want to accept and live up to what the coach expects of me. I was able to win the duel and be important in the knockout game. That’s what I’m trying to give to the team now.’

Goretzka also sees Bayern Munich’s big challenge as they face Real Madrid in the Champions League. Semi-final first leg this Tuesday. 

‘First of all, it’s about the semi-final against Real Madrid. This will be a big challenge. Then we will see what awaits us in the final,’ said the 29-year-old midfielder.