Pep points out like a dream, leading Manchester City

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Pep points out like a dream, leading Manchester City to win 3 serious championships.

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola says. It’s like a dream come true. With the fact that they can lead the Blue Sailboat to seriously win 3 major championships this season and have the opportunity to succeed

Man City is about to finish the job of winning the Premier League for 3 years in a row soon. With a 3-0 win over Everton on Sunday, it appeare. That Arsenal had missed out on losing to Brighton at home late in the night. Resulting in a distance of 4 points (85:81), plus Manchester City played less than 1 game.

On Wednesday, City will face Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final after they drew 1-1 in Spain last week. Which if dropped into the final. They as having a lot more taxes than their final rivals Inter or AC Milan.

In addition, winning the FA Cup is just the last step left. 

To beat city rivals like Manchester United in the final game at Wembley on June 3

“It was a dream come true. To get here,” said the Spaniard after the game at Goodison Park.

“In the end we might not win anything. And people will say we’re not a good team or a failure or a disaster. But it was a dream come true.”

“We are the only team in Europe this season fighting for everything. We still have to deal with the FA Cup final against United. Carefully, it’s not over yet, and the Premier League isn’t over either. We know this. It happened before with Liverpool, this season will be similar.

“Against Arsenal I’m pretty sure they’ll come back and win their games in the remaining two games as we go into the second leg of the semi-finals to reach the Champions League final. This is a very special achievement.”

No British team has yet done so. “Triple Championship” came first after Manchester United in 1999, but in the era of Pep, Manchester City had already won 4 sweeps of all domestic competitions in the 2018/19 season.