Odegaard opens up about title race after Arsenal thrashed by Brighton

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Odegaard opens up about title race after Arsenal thrashed by Brighton.

Arsenal midfielder Martin Odegaard has revealed that his team are now out of the Premier League title race. From the 0-3 defeat to Brighton at home, Manchester City immediately became on the podium to win the league for 3 consecutive times.

With four points clear, City will crown champions of the season if they host Chelsea on Sunday. Although Arsenal will win Saturday’s win over Nottingham. Orest

“It’s a feeling like that. We have no hope,” said the Gunners captain. “I don’t think City will make any more mistakes.”

“We have to stay realistic. It will be very difficult now. Yes, it’s a big disappointment. and difficult to accept.”

“We do good things. Came many times this season But this is not the ending we wanted to happen.”

“Right now I don’t want to say much. But we have to accept it. learn from it and make sure we can improve further.”

For Arsenal won the league last time in the Arsene Wenger era in the 2003/04 season

or 19 years ago and it seems that it still has to wait another year at least.

It’s been a bit strange for me playing these games over Christmas – I was always used to being off at this time of year before coming to England – but I have to say the atmosphere and hype at the games at this time of year is brilliant.

The Emirates was absolutely rocking on Boxing Day for the West Ham game, it was absolutely a special feeling to be part of it in the stadium.

Personally, I felt good against West Ham, but I also felt the whole team was good. I had some more rest than other players, not being in the World Cup, so I think I’ve used that in a good way and I felt good. I was happy to have a couple of assists too!

I thought the third goal, especially, was a great goal. The whole build-up was good and the way Eddie turned in the box and the finish was brilliant! I was really happy for him to come in and do a performance like this. I’m so, so happy for him and hopefully, we will see even more from him now.