‘Lampard’ points out that Singh is not confident

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Everton boss Frank Lampard said in an interview He didn’t have enough confidence and communication with Chelsea’s management team, which led to

Lampard’s sacking. Former clubs as players were appointed manager in 2019

, Lampard was his first year in charge of Chelsea. with problems being banned from trading And the departure of Eden Hazard, a key winger, but the 44-year-old coach did more than expected, leading the team to a top-four finish. And won the FA Cup.

However, after heavily reinforcing the army later in the season, expectations have risen and although Chelsea will start well. But halfway through the season, his form fell and Lampard was sacked in January 2021.

Lampard found a new job at Everton and he opened up on the High Perfomance podcast. Before he was sacked by Chelsea

“Towards the end of my time at Chelsea, I lost communication with important people above me. which I should try to communicate more. the UFABET report

” Because I think I need support.”

“How do you have a long-term plan? You have to be supportive despite the tough times, that’s the reality of football.

“Don’t forget that the early days of Liverpool were difficult too, the first year of Jurgen Klopp or Pep Guardiola… No one is perfect, they get through that time. And they have gained confidence


“What I regretted the most when I was in charge of Chelsea was when we were second in the league and then had short successive defeats. Which got me sacked in just a month, from 2nd to 9th, lost 4 league games and then I had to say goodbye

. I came out and said to myself, ‘Don’t be in that situation again, Frank’, you have to believe in yourself in that moment

. , but overall I’m happy with my work there.”