Man Utd began to sell “Ronaldo” the situation of the price

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Reports from England indicate that the players in the Manchester team Some United have become increasingly frustrated with Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s situation. And wanting the Portuguese superstar to move

, Ronaldo wants to move out of the Old Town. At Trafford this summer for a chance to play in the Champions League, but doing so for a number of reasons has left no team seriously interested in signing him,

forcing the 37-year-old to return to training with the team and playing. As a substitute in the 2-1 home defeat to Brighton in the weekend’s Premier League campaign,

Manchester United have always made a stance that they do not want to sell Ronaldo, while manager Eric Tene. Hag is also often interviewed that he wants to work with him.

However, Ronaldo’s future situation is uncertain and there should be content to follow before the transfer window closes in the next three weeks. the UFABET report

like lastThe Sun reports that many players on the Man team United are fed up with this and would rather have Ronaldo as soon as possible, rather than leave the matter at odds.

A club source said. “Now it’s starting to irritate many players. He had his group on the team. But there are a lot of people who are annoyed by the things he does.”

Ronaldo moved from Juventus back to Man. United last summer And the rest of the contract in the old place Trafford one more year