Get to know Dragon Tiger cards

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Dragon Tiger cards, also known as Dragon Tiger is a casino card game that is consider easy to play and takes the least amount of time. which originate from Cambodia Which has be receive very well until the game Dragon Tiger and has spread to casinos around the world. Making it known and very popular. With an easy-to-play and less time-consuming style, it is a feature that makes different gamblers like them. Making it known widely in a short period of time. Dragon Tiger cards also rank among the most popular casino games with the most players on the top. สมัคร UFABET

Rules for playing Dragon Tiger card game

Dragon Tiger Cards is a casino game that uses a total of 52 cards. But will take Joker cards to play. There will be 2 sides for you to choose from, namely the Tiger side and the Dragon side. One card will be dealt on each side. If either side has a higher score, it is considered a win. Before starting the game every time, the casino will have time. To choose to bet for about 25 seconds. There are 3 main types of bets that are tiger, tie, dragon, which some online casinos will be able to choose to bet on. Odd-Even , Red-Black It also depends on each casino. Whether it is open to bet or not. The highlight of this game is that it can bet more than 1 point, along with a high payout rate

How to count points of Dragon Tiger cards

The counting of the points would be similar. With baccarat cards that make it easy to play, no hassle, suitable for beginners and professionals. Let’s start to look at how to count the points of the Dragon Tiger card game.

Card S (A) will have a point equal to 1 point

• Number cards are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, 8,9,10 Points will be counted according to the number of numbers on the card.

J card (J) will have points equal to 11 points

.Card (Q) will have points equal to 12 points

.Card K (K) will have points equal to 13 points. have the highest score

Payout ratio of Dragon Tiger

Tiger side payout ratio is 1:1

Dragon side payout ratio is 1:1

Tie side payout ratio is 1:8

Odd side payout ratio Payout is 1:75

Double side payout ratio is 1:05

Red side payout ratio is 1:9

The black side has a payout ratio of 1:9

How to play Tiger and Dragon cards

How to play How to play Tiger and Dragon cards It is very similar to how to play baccarat, only how to play Dragon Tiger cards. Will decide the result of losing and winning with 1 card, not showing the 2nd or 3rd card like Baccarat,

where the player must choose to bet whether the Tiger or Dragon card. Will have a higher point, and the betting style will be available only 3 formats only.

After choosing your favorite live casino room, the steps for betting on Tiger Dragon cards are as follows:

1. Choose between ‘Tiger’, ‘Dragon’ or ‘Tie’ (bet between tigers and Dragon, can’t)

2. The dealer deals 1 card per side.

3. Open the cards and measure the points which side has more points. That side wins the bet immediately.